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Financial Literacy Month - Resource Highlight: Listen Money Matters

LMM is one of my all time favorite personal finance podcasts. I discovered them about 8 months ago, and they're one of the few podcasts that I actually listen to almost every episode! Check out my interview with them below, and you'll see why. 😀

In their own words...LMM aims to take what to most people is a dry, dare I say boring topic, and make it entertaining and relate-able. We want to demystify personal finance and provide easy to understand, actionable advice that will help people take control of their finances. 

1) What do you think is the biggest myth people believe about personal finance?

Saving and investing are the same things. Saving is great but if you want to grow your wealth and retire comfortably, you must invest. The sooner the better.

2) What's something small that people can start doing today that will positively impact their future financially?

Build an emergency fund. Ideally it contains enough to cover 3-6 months of basic expenses but even saving $1,000 can be enough to prevent a financial bump in the road from becoming a real set back. 

3) What made you interested in personal finance?

I turned 38 (44 now) and realized I didn't know a thing about money. I wasn't getting any younger and knew this had to change. I started educating myself then and never stopped.

5) Parting piece of advice for readers?

Pay Yourself First! Rule #1 of personal finance.

6) Where should readers go if they want to learn more about you?

LMM has been around for seven years. We have dozens of episodes and dozens of articles on nearly every aspect of personal finance. Head over to to learn more.