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"There is such a stigma around talking about money in our society, so as a result, we just tend to see the ways our friends spend money in public, but not the bigger financial pictures. We don't see how long it took to save up for that amazing vacation, or we don't realize the peer pressure our friends experience to maintain a certain Instagram lifestyle that they can't afford. I feel that social anxiety too, so I'm excited for a space that will encourage honest and supportive conversations and accountability about money with my community!"

"In this day and age there is an app for anything you can think up...EXCEPT a supportive space to learn about, interact with peers, and build your confidence in managing your personal finances. This blows my mind because personal finances are so important! Penge is the personal finance app I've been waiting for."

28 years old

San Francisco, CA

Britt T.

Rachel vdM.

28 years old

Boulder, CO

"Penge is the permission so many people need to be honest about their financial learning and decision making. Penge's accountability and open-discussion will be the reason people find financial freedom sooner than they originally hoped for."

Lexington, KY

Keith M.

Nashville, TN

Jess W.

"People tend to shy away from talking about finances but it plays a huge role in our lives. With the Penge community, I’ll be able to chat about financial issues/goals in a non-threatening and open environment. I'm looking forward to celebrating financial accomplishments with Penge users."