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Sep 1, 2018

What are some ways to spend less? Besides cutting out Starbucks 😒

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I'm tired of the cliche "don't go to Starbucks" saving advice. I need to save more than $30 a month... what are some things I can look at that will really move the needle?

Sep 3, 2018

The "don't go to Starbucks" advice is some of the worst financial advice I've seen. Yes it helps... kinda, sorta. And $30 a month can go a long way (thanks, compound interest). But $100/mo can go a lot farther. I will never encourage people to cut back on their coffee because it's an essential part of our generation - we use it for social purposes and I feel like it actually helps me do my work better. It's a valuable experience!


That being said, here are some other ideas I've tried that have really helped me save money... while keeping my coffee :)


- Find cheaper car insurance (saved 40% by switching from State Farm to Root)


- Do a purge of your house and sell anything you aren't using (I found a ton of electronics that I wasn't using and sold them on Facebook marketplace)


- Grocery shop online (you'll avoid impulse buys at the store and be much more likely to stick to a list)


- Buy groceries for two weeks instead of just one (you'll get twice as much food, but you'll only spend about 50% more than you would for one week's of groceries)


- Use online media instead of cable (we switched to Sling instead of our local cable provider and saved $50/mo while still getting all the same channels)


- Downsize (every time i think about getting a bigger place, i think about how much it will cost and i'd rather save the money and use it for travel rather than living in a bigger place)


- Negotiate your bills / find cheaper interest rates (if you've got student loans, try using something like SoFi to get a better interest rate. For any other bills, use a tool like Trim to look at your recurring costs and negotiate better rates for you)


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