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Accountability, Community, and Tracking For Your Financial Goals


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What is penge?

You're not alone in trying to figure out this whole personal finance thing...

Imagine a place where it's not taboo to talk about money... like your student loans, your questions about retirement and the stock market, building up savings. 


You can see what your peers are doing (and not just the Instagram highlights, but the REAL stuff), and use that as a guide to make your own decisions. 


Plus, you have a community cheering you on and keeping you accountable. That's Penge.


  • Support your friends

  • Get rewards

  • Ask for advice

  • Track your progress

A personal finance app for talking about money


How penge Can

Help You

Accountability for financial goals, plus encouragement.
Support your friends and encourage each other to take positive actions!
Get and share advice in a place where it's not weird to talk about money.

1. Set your goals

1. Set your goals

What do you want to accomplish? Pay off debt? Start investing? Grow your emergency fund? 

2. Check your progress

See how you're pacing to meet your goals, and track the positive things you're doing. (Automatic tracking, you never have to enter anything!)

3. show your progress and cheer on your friends

Share updates to keep you accountable and encourage others to make progress, as well! Cheer your friends on, and everybody grows together.

4. Ask questions, answer questions

Learn from mentors and friends, and help others as you grow.

What are people saying about penge?

"Finances are arguably one of the most important and confusing aspects of our daily life. With Penge, I'll be actively preparing for my future without the worry and anxiety I had before."

"I’m looking forward to having a community where I can discuss, compare and get advice regarding personal finance. I wish this had been around for awhile!"

"I love the Penge app, and the community comparison holds me accountable. I treat saving like a game, and the app lets me know how I am doing compared to my peers. It makes saving fun!"

Katie T.

Portland, OR

22 years old

Matt W.

Lexington, KY

26 years old

Kylie R.

Johnson City, TN

25 years old